The Promenade residential real estate video
Portage, IN

The Promenade

An apartment complex that truly has the feel of a community needed to showcase that rare quality with a promotional video.

Key features of this beautiful apartment complex include a massive water park and playground, a dog park, pool, and a fantastic clubhouse. And any chance we can work in an action shot involving a pool table makes for a good day of filming.

Drone Footage

The opening shot was meant to be a test flight to gauge perspective but it made a great backdrop for the overlaid informational text that we went with it. The massive water tower made itself known as a fantastic focal point for a few arial shots as well.


The complex had such a variety of unit sizes (from studio through 3-bedroom) that we had plenty of options for cinematic camera moves and different ways to take the viewer through the space. It's hard to beat a well-designed kitchen and these had many to check out.

Matterport 360

The Promenade features several available unit styles ranging from studio to three bedroom, and Matterport makes them all available for immediate viewing. View the Matterport Scan