Franklin, Tennessee
Franklin, TN

740 Cool Springs Blvd

A pediatric center in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee offers sweeping green landscapes in all directions despite being in the middle of everything.

As a former pediatric facility, the interior of the building featured some charming interior design that we wanted to highlight in the video. And a bee said hi to our drone.

Drone Footage

Sometimes a bit of blind luck goes a long way, such as when a bumble bee wanted to investigate the larger buzzing drone. We also had plenty of interesting scenery to capture as the building is located in a series of rolling hills in Franklin, Tennessee.


We approached this shoot by aiming to take advantage of the artistic and decorative features that were in place. Even if the new tenants decided to renovate, the video tells the story of what is as well as what could be.

Matterport 360

A Matterport tour allows guests to view the property on their own pace, and to stop and investigate small details like the artwork and design components that make this space comforting to families. View the Matterport Scan