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Responsive Web Design with Drupal

There are many trends and fads that come and go in the web development market just as there are elsewhere in business. At Ten Ten Studios we field all sorts of questions from clients that are often times driven by fads.

Active Directory User Validation Through LDAP and PHP

We were recently tasked with the redesign of a fairly large intranet application which used Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication. The previous version of the site was created with ASP/VBScript and so our first challenge was duplicating (or in this case, improving) the LDAP connection system using PHP.

Windows, PHP, and MS SQL: A match made in...well...

The vast majority of PHP sites are built using a LAMP setup. For the uninitiated, this indicates a server running a Linux operating system, Apache web server software, a MySQL database, and the PHP development language. There are several reasons why this set of software is so popular, but the key ones are cost (free), security, reliability, and a wide open-source development community. However, in a recent custom project we were tasked with setting up a new intranet site which was effectively married to a Windows/IIS server running MS SQL.

How to Build a Custom Web Application

We spend a lot of time developing custom web based applications for a variety of clients. There are key differences between a typical website and a custom web application and those differences affect all stages: planning, design, development, and rollout. Here are a few tips to help when tasked with creating what is effectively a piece of shared, web-accessible software.