We faced several challenges when converting an existing Drupal 6 website which was 100% free to use to an e-commerce enabled Drupal 7 site. Since the site was selling access to video tutorials at a low cost we needed to make sure that the teachers would not be raked over the coals by transaction fees and merchant account fees. Combining the Drupal Commerce module with PayPal's Digital Goods solved this problem for us.

Initially, all of Whistletutor's (Tradtutor's predecessor website) videos were hosted on YouTube which offloaded the bandwidth responsibility to their servers. Since the lessons on Tradtutor would need more security we moved them in-house and hosted them on Tradtutor's own server. Then, Drupal's node access modules allowed the teachers to determine on their own whether a lesson would be available for free or for purchase. Once a student has purchased a lesson, Commerce Rules kick in to grant them access to that lesson automatically. The funds are deposited into the site's PayPal account, and teachers are paid accordingly.

Mobile-friendly videos

Mobile-friendly Videos
Tradtutor's videos are accessible from desktop browsers or mobile devices to ensure students can access their content wherever they may be.


Community Forums
The site features a large user-driven forum system based on Drupal's Advanced Forums module.

Project Overview

First developed in 2000, Tradtutor was originally known as Whistletutor, a site for teaching Irish traditional music on the tin whistle. It went through several iterations before expanding to teach music on additional instruments. The transition brought the video lessons from publicly available YouTube embedding to internally-hosted -- both free and premium, utilizing the powerful Drupal Commerce module and PayPal Digital Goods to handle the latter.

Graphic design, Drupal CMS, mobile development, e-commerce, streaming media

Date Launched
May, 2014