Surgical Weight Loss Specialists

Massachusetts based Surgical Weight Loss Specialists needed increased control over their site's content as well as improved search engine optimization, but they also needed to preserve their existing data collection and reporting capability. This created a special challenge as Drupal sites, though very full-featured, can impose difficulties when integrating custom reports due to the way that data is stored and displayed.

To accomplish the task we created several custom reports using the powerful Webform Report module. Combined with the PHP input filter we were able to allow the site owners to analyze their Webform submission data and display it in a manner similar to their old site which was entirely written in custom PHP. Doing so inadvertently validated one of our requirements when we discuss new Drupal sites with clients: that a web server and MySQL server be hosted on the same physical (or virtual) machine.

Prior to launching the site we were told by the current site's host that their database server was homed on the same box that handled the web server -- this turned out not to be the case. As a result, the custom reports occasionally crashed or timed out which was unacceptable to the site owner, as can be expected. Extensive research on the server error log messages confirmed that the problem was directly related to the network issues between web and database servers. We then moved the site to a new host with which we have used many times, AN Hosting and the problems went away.

Rotating testimonials

Rotating Testimonials
We created an "out-of-the-box" rotating testimonials section to give life to the patients' words.

BMI Calculator

Custom BMI Calculator
A custom BMI calculator module provides visitors a simple way to see if they qualify for the weight loss procedure. The custom design was necessary to make the calculator fit within the design of the site.

Project Overview

Surgical Weight Loss Specialists already had a full-featured site which included a calendar of upcoming seminars and support groups, registration forms to capture visitors' information who signed up for those events, as well as a blog and full staff directory. They were looking for a refreshed design with increased control over their site information as a whole as well as a site that would be mobile-friendly.

Graphic design, Drupal CMS, custom module design

Date Launched
October, 2012

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