Sean Cunningham - Irish Flute/Tin Whistle was initially created in 1999 as a site to teach tin whistle -- and as an exercise in web design. Over the years the site evolved, taking on different designs and ultimately migrating into Tradutor which taught Irish traditional music on multiple instruments. However, the time constraints forced the site owner, Sean (also the owner of Ten Ten Studios, LLC) to shut down the teaching part of the project. As a result, he decided to repurpose the Whistletutor domain into a personal bio/calendar page.

This site utilizes the new trend of single page design - a trend that we have avoided as we tend to to projects that simply wouldn't work with that type of layout. But in this case it was a great fit as the site is very simple and a single page layout makes it easy for visitors to get to the important content in a fun way, using some interesting jQuery scrolling techniques. To save development time, we opted for the Twitter Bootstrap framework which is fully responsive so it works great on mobile devices as well as desktop browsers.

Custom Calendar

Custom Calendar
A simple PHP calendar system allows the site owner to update his upcoming events with ease.

One page design

One Page Design
The site is displayed all on a single page, using jQuery scrolling to switch between the different areas of content.

Project Overview

This is the personal page and bio of Ten Ten Studios' owner, Sean Cunningham, who is also an Irish flute and tin whistle player. The site takes over for another Ten Ten Studios project, Tradtutor, which focused on teaching traditional Irish music.

Graphic design, custom programming, bootstrap

Date Launched
July, 2015

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