Saffell Infinity 8-String Banjos

Tom Saffell is an accomplished musician who plays regularly around Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding areas and is frequently asked, "what sort of instrument is that?" After the explanation, the next question is usually, "where can I get one?" Because of this, Tom saw a market for the unusual instrument that he designed and built and needed a web presence to showcase it and give people a means to get in touch with him.

When discussing the website project, we decided that what Tom needed was a simple, one-page design that would provide all of the content for the site in a clear, responsive layout. The site gives prospective buyers a quick way to view photos of the instrument, gather information about the various wood types, options, and costs, and displays an easy to use contact system. Tom has the ability to load new photos and update all of the content on the site through our custom designed content management system (CMS) called SiteData.

Using the powerful Bootstrap framework we developed a one-page design that is completely responsive for large screen devices and scales nicely to smaller mobile ones as well. We have even integrated a version of this framework into SiteData, a transition marking SiteData's third revision and one which we expect to use for many projects in the future, as it makes mobile web content editing very simple.

Image Gallery

Image Gallery
The implementation of our SiteData CMS allows for easy uploading and auto-formatting of the site's large image gallery.


SiteData CMS
The site owner has full control over all site content using a simple WYSIWYG-style editor built into SiteData.

Project Overview

Tom Saffell is the inventor and co-developer of a unique 8-string banjo used for a variety of musical styles including bluegrass, old-time, and Celtic. He needed a simple single-page site to highlight key features of the instrument and get prospective buyers connected with him. The site includes an image/video gallery, pricing, and other descriptions all of which the owner has control over via the site's custom content management system.

Graphic design, custom programming, mobile development

Date Launched
January, 2016

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