RE-Lynx began life as a custom designed ASP Classic/VB Script facilities management application built in 2004 for our client, Holladay Properties. It served several purposes, from task and process tracking to document management to automated work order system. After several iterations, RE-Lynx was redesigned and developed using PHP/MySQL

Design-wise, the latest version utilizes responsive web design to allow the site to dynamically scale and reveal content based on the size of the device accessing it. Combined with more responsive, touch-friendly menus the new layout puts more content at-a-glance for simpler navigation. We incorporated the software's new logo into the design and based the site's new color scheme on the logo's colors.

We utilized two technologies that were new to us: Sphinx search software and real-time WebSocket notifications with Pusher's API. Sphinx search allows the application to feature a universal search engine (à la Google) to query all types of content at once. Site administrators can weight certain types of content to tune the search engine as time goes on. Pusher is a 3rd party real-time notification provider that uses WebSocket technology to alert site users of new process tasks, work orders, or other critical notifications assigned to them without the need to refresh the page.

We also integrated Git version control to manage bug fixes, feature, and major version rollouts. This system allows our team to develop new features on private servers and then push the changes to the live server when ready, ensuring that new content is stable before deployment.

Content management system

Simple CMS
RE-Lynx features a custom content management system (CMS) to allow for simple, web-based management of a variety of data including custom database fields.

Real-time notifications

Real-time Notifications
The Pusher API made it simple to create dynamic, secure, real-time notifications which are then styled and displayed via the Badger jQuery library.

Project Overview

Initially developed as FM Link, RE-Lynx is the third iteration of a custom facilities management application built for Holladay Properties, a Tennessee-based medical property management firm. The application was rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of new design techniques as well as real-time notifications and Sphinx search.

Custom PHP developement, graphic design, Sphinx integration, mobile development, Git version control

Date Launched
December, 2014

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