Oman-Gibson Associates

OGA effectively needed two websites: a public-facing brochure for the company's work that highlighted the completed projects with which they were involved and a separate, secure project tracking system that allowed their clients to login and keep tabs on progress of development. Drupal fit the bill for both and provided site administrators with a single point of management for both sides.

The site features robust security whereby administrators can grant varying degrees of access to different user groups. For example, there is a group of administrators who manage both public and private facets of the site, another that only handles projects in-development, and another that is read-only (clients.) And since it is web-based, all of this can be managed from any PC with Internet access.

Featured project

Featured Project
Site administrators can choose to feature a specific project, providing nice imagery for prospective clients and fresh content for search engine optimization.

Client portal

Client Portal
The company's clients can login and view progress of their projects, saving time and providing more real-time updates.

Project Overview

Oman-Gibson Associates is a Nashville-based healthcare property acquisition company who needed a revamped website. Their previous version was limited in functionality and difficult to update so we began with a Drupal 6 CMS backend and wrapped it around a clean, professional design featuring a Flash image rotator on the home page.

Graphic Design, Drupal CMS, Flash design

Date Launched
November, 2008

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