The Nashville Celts

The Nashville Celts' internationally touring PBS television show, Celtic Roots of American Music, has been drawing new bookings and the band was in need of a revised website to showcase the show and the history of the music within it. We designed a custom layout based around the band's logo and positioned key elements such as the touring calendar, news, and audio, video, and photo media to keep their fans and promoters alike tuned into what the band was up to.

Speed was essential for the project, as the band was in the process of booking for their spring/summer tour as well as working on a new record, so the site needed to be up and running as a promotional tool as quickly as possible. After working out the design we integrated it into Drupal to allow the band's management to take over and load fresh content, such as a press kit and photo gallery featuring rehearsal shots and photos from the recording studio.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery
The administrators can load photos, music, and embedded YouTube videos to the gallery to keep their fans connected to the band's travel and performances.


Twitter Integration
The site features a "last tweet" module to display the band's most recent Twitter post along with a link to follow the band on Twitter.

Project Overview

The second half of a two-part nationally touring Irish rock show, The Nashville Celts combine traditional Irish instruments with American-inspired original material to produce a PBS television show called Celtic Roots. We designed a new website for the band and integrated it into the Drupal content management system for easy updating so that the band could keep their fans up to date with their touring plans.

graphic design, Drupal CMS

Date Launched
May, 2016

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