Holladay Projects

The client needed a system to track their extensive property development projects as they were going forward. We built them a Drupal-based website that allows project managers to upload photos, post comments, and keep their clients up to date on the construction progress. The site is built around Organic Groups to allow site administrators to control who has access to which projects and who is able to post updates.

Additionally, this site required us to import a wealth of data from a separate Microsoft SQL Server database so that the administrators wouldn't have to manually load the content. Fortunately, Drupal features several fantastic data import routines that made this a remarkably simple procedure.

Site search

Site Search
We utilized Drupal's excellent search system to simplify the process of tracking down a specific project or note. As some site members have access to hundreds of buildings, this was imperative.

Data Export

Data Export
In addition to the visual overview of the projects, the client also needed a way to export their data periodically to both Excel and PDF.

Project Overview

This is a project tracking system developed for our existing client, Holladay Properties. Using Drupal 7 and the Organic Groups module, we built a site that allows project managers to create and update projects with photos, comments, documents, and key dates and costs, while Organic Groups ensures that the necessary people can see only their projects.

Drupal CMS, Data Migration

Date Launched
April, 2012