Holladay Maintenance

A redesign of an older system, the Holladay Trouble Ticket System was rebuilt from scratch to cater to Holladay's tenants and get them easy access to building information and the ability to submit work orders for their offices. Integrated with another Ten Ten Studios project, RE-Lynx, the new trouble ticket site provides a simple registration and approval system that works with the tenants' property managers to ensure that they know who is registering for their properties. The security prevents unauthorized users from submitting invalid work orders and allows property managers to evaluate usage versus the traditional call-in helpdesk system.

The site utilizes Google's recently redesigned Translate API, a paid service that offers translation in many languages (English, Spanish, and French are used here) as many of Holladay's tenants and maintenance engineers speak English as a second language. The multi-lingual capability ensures that the tenants can always understand not only how to use the site to submit work orders but also to ensure that they are aware of important changes or news going on in their building.

We also integrated the Google Maps API to provide a searchable list neighborhood amenities -- banks, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. -- that are nearby the tenant's building. When they register for the site they select their building from a list which automatically updates their neighborhood map and shows them relevant businesses in the area.

Google Maps API

Google Maps API
Integration of the Google Maps API allows tenants to view neighborhood businesses in a variety of categories on an interactive map.

Google Translate API

Google Translate API
The site can be translated dynamically, on the fly, into English, French, or Spanish with the help of the powerful Google Translate API.

Project Overview

Medical property management firm, Holladay Properties, needed a redesign of their previous trouble ticketing system for their tenants which would share data with their new facilities management application, RE-Lynx. We came up with a new, responsive design for the public-facing site as well as a clean, simple management console to allow tenants to submit work orders quickly and easily, with multi-language support and local amenities courtesy of Google Maps.

Graphic design, custom programming, mobile development

Date Launched
May, 2015

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