Holladay Directory

The Holladay Directory was our first 100% mobile application project. The goal of the project was to allow for simple updates to a tenant directory for a small building -- however, the client wanted the app to be reusable for future property development projects. The app was successfully installed on two iPads permanently affixed to central locations in the building so that visitors to the building can look up tenant information, suite numbers, contact phone numbers, etc.

We are currently in the process of duplicating the app in the Android ecosystem for use on a large (30"+) touchscreen device connected to a Google TV for use in another, larger building.

Web-based backend

Web-based backend
The app features a web-based backend for simple administration of buildings and tenants. Changes are then pushed to the app via web service.

Project Overview

Building development company Holladay Properties was looking for a simple tenant and suite directory solution for use at their new projects. Rather than invest tens of thousands of dollars on a flat-panel touchscreen based directory they opted for an iPad solution for which we built a custom web application. The web app allows property managers to add and remove tenants from a simple Drupal web interface.

Graphic design, Drupal CMS, iPad development

Date Launched
February, 2013