Experio was born from a need to test the effectiveness of a client's training methods, particularly among newly hired employees. Initially developed using ASP VBScript, Experio filled a need quickly. However, the client's user databases were growing and they saw Experio as one solution that could replace an existing and somewhat outdated survey program that they had purchased some years ago. So it was redesigned from the ground (code) up to allow administrators to create not only tests but also anonymous surveys and to provide the type of reporting that they were hoping for in the beginning.

The site features a relatively new technique in web development, called responsive web design. This combination of JavaScript and cascading style sheets allow developers to provide different stylesheets (and thus different layouts) to different browsers depending on the resolution of the device requesting it. So rather than using JavaScript to check which browser and which device is visiting a page -- which requires the developer to keep an up-to-date running list of all browsers -- CSS Media Queries serve content simply based on the size of the window. Combining this with a fluid grid system allowed us to make a mobile-ready site without relying on proprietary and often times ineffective code.

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Question system

Question Creation
Test administrators can create a variety of questions including true/false, multiple choice, and essay.


Simplified Test Layout
Once a test is launched, the graphics are stripped away to make things as simple as possible for the test-taker.

Project Overview

Experio is a testing and survey program developed for a client that was initially built using ASP Classic and MS SQL. After a successful but limited beta rollout, the project was moved to PHP/MySQL and several additional features were added. Administrators can create unlimited tests and fully asses the effectiveness of training among the staff.

Custom PHP developement, graphic design

Date Launched
July, 2012

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