The Celts

When tasked with coming up with a new layout for The Celts' site, we initially began with a more traditional, multi-page style. However, after getting a better understanding of the project it became clear that this site was needed to highlight a single show: the nationally touring Christmas with the Celts program that was featured on PBS a few years ago. So we switched gears and came up with a single-page layout using the Bootstrap framework for responsive design.

This was the first time that we'd integrated Drupal into a single-page framework and it posed some interesting changes, as Drupal is definitely not designed with this concept in mind. We looked at a few modules that were built to fill this gap, but ultimately they proved to be too unwieldy or unnecessarily complicated to do what we needed. So we ended up building a custom theme that fit the needs of the layout while still working well in the Drupal CMS.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery
The administrators can load photos, music, and embedded YouTube videos to the gallery to keep their fans connected to the band's travel and performances.


Critical to a band's page, the site features a calendar of upcoming performances with links to the venues for easy purchasing of tickets.

Project Overview

The Celts are a Nashville-based Celtic-rock band that tours nationwide with a Christmas-themed show, called Christmas with the Celts. Their existing site was growing stale and the band's management was in need of something more up-to-date and that would be easier to manage, storing various photos, video, and audio tracks along with a current touring schedule.

Graphic design, Drupal CMS

Date Launched
May, 2016

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