Camp Yavneh

The camp had an existing site and was looking for a new fun design and improved control over their content. We partnered with Creative Leak Designs to handle the design of the site layout and Ten Ten Studios took over the development of the Drupal CMS backend. One of the camp's main concerns with their prior site was that content was difficult to keep updated and that posed a significant problem when campers and parents alike wanted registration forms, key dates, information about fundraisers, etc. The new site handled these issues and also added in several "real-time" features such as a camp blog -- allowing parents to keep informed with events while their children were at camp.

We added in the popular Webform module to allow site administrators to create complex registration forms for a variety of events. Webforms conveniently export their data to Excel for further querying and archiving.

Hebrew Text

Hebrew Font
The camp focuses on the teaching and study of Hebrew and so they wanted to feature Hebrew throughout the site. We used a Hebrew font which displays when menu items are moused-over.

Interactive map

Interactive Illustrated Map
The client had a beautifully illustrated map of the campus - we made the map interactive by popping up descriptive text when areas are touched by the mouse.

Project Overview

In combination with Creative Leak Designs we developed a full-featured Drupal 6 website for this wonderful camp for children. This site is frequently updated and the Drupal CMS provided them the means to manage their content quickly and easily.

Drupal CMS, Flash design

Date Launched
September, 2009