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Prior to Ten Ten Studios' involvement, this massive online database served huge amounts of data thousands of clients who depended on it for their career livelihood. While the site worked well, the administrators became frustrated with the need to update multiple databases, as the site database and the customer and event databases (Infusionsoft) were separate entities. Fortunately, Infusionsoft created a robust API that allowed us to eliminate that duplication when rebuilding the site.

We worked with a third-party designer to create a layout that would fit the expectations of the site's customer base and proceeded to integrate it into the third revision of our custom content management system (CMS), called Sitedata. Originally developed in ASP Classic (VB Script), Sitedata has since been migrated to PHP/MySQL and has added many features borrowed from our study and use of Drupal over the years. Site data affords the site owners far more flexibility and control over the site content -- they can now easily upload images, modify text, and format their pages through a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) interface.

Working with Infusionsoft was a first for us, and it provided us with a great deal of experience on building a site that would integrate successfully with the powerful API. Now the site administrators can make a change to a user or event record without having to make the same change on their site. We combined Infusionsoft's API with our own PHP code to build a robust search engine that queries many different data fields to allow site users to target events very specifically and get the information that they need even faster than before.

Google maps integration

Google Maps Integration
In addition to a simple list view, we integrated the Google Maps API to provide an interactive map view for event search results.

jQuery Rotator

Image Rotators
Site administrators can upload photos for use on the homepage to drive traffic to specific areas of the website.

Project Overview

The Art Fair SourceBook (originally a physical book) first went online some ten years ago to provide a single, comprehensive directory of art fairs nationwide. Its members can search a variety of data to help them discover and decide whether or not they should take their artwork to various art shows. This new incarnation features direct integration with the site's main data repository, Infusionsoft, to eliminate the previous need for duplication of data and update synchronization.

Custom PHP development, e-commerce integration, Infusionsoft API integration

Date Launched
January, 2015

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